Craft Black Steel

Scandinavian Innovation Tradition

Our Craft range is of the same blood as in all other Scandinavian inventions. True craftsmanship and a tradition of rational and practical problem-solving. When Scandinavian inventions are crossed with Scandinavian design, magic emerges, as in the case of the unique adjustable wrench that was patented by a Swedish innovator in 1892.

The adjustable wrench, of the “Swedish key” as it is still called in many countries, is a robust and extremely useful too yet aesthetic as well as ergonomic and easy to use. This hallmark of Scandinavian invention is composed of only three parts of tempered cast steel and it sums up the Scandinavian design and innovation tradition superbly.

Now look at one of our Craft ovens and you’ll see something similar. A perfectly shaped front plate made in one piece, a sturdy ergonomic handle of steel and two solid metal dials. All merged with great precision, perfectly straight lines, seamlessly folded edges and nothing left to chance. Craft is Scandinavian perfection for creative food lovers.

Craft colours compared

Classic, modern, trendy or stylish, it depends on the materials and shapes you choose for your kitchen. But keep in mind that the appliances can occupy as much as 50% of your cabinetry, so they also play a big role in how your kitchen will eventually look and be perceived

Our Craft range comes in three different colours: classic Stainless Steel, Anthracite and stylish Black Steel. All colour variants have a warm feel and can be combined with many other kitchen colours and materials, as well as various kitchen styles.

Black Steel

Black Steel is stainless steel with a touch
of colour added. The colour makes the
brushed pattern appear clearer and the
light is reflected in various ways making
the surface come alive with a shimmering

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is a classical yet modern
material that brings all kitchens alive. The
diagonally brushed surface is reflecting
light and surrounding materials and gives
a practical and rational expression to your


Anthracite has a soft matte appearance
and texture which gives smooth transitions
to the colour of the surrounding kitchen.
The oven’s sophisticated play between
soft black and deep black is balanced
and has a timeless approach.

The Black Steel Range

Black Steel combi steam ovens

Black Steel pyrolytic ovens

Black Steel multifunction ovens

Black Steel combi/solo microwave ovens

Black Steel drawers

Craft by ASKO – Introducing Black Steel

The Black Steel brochure is an ideal ‘take-away’ introduction to the range of appliances in the Black Steel range. Packed with images, product details, technical specifications, installation drawings & more, the brochure sits at nearly 50 pages and is yours to download now.

As a small thank you for taking the time to explore the Black Steel range, we’ve included nearly a dozen ‘Black Steel Inspired Recipes’ for you to enjoy.